Wednesday July 9th 2014

A poem I wrote


I am no poet, but I have written hundreds of poems. They are not good, possibly even ludicrous, many of them over-emotional outpourings focusing on love, life, and occasionally politics…

I don’t suppose this one is any different, but at the moment, it’s haunting me. It was written more than ten years ago, I can’t quite recall when, and when I wrote it, I was thinking of miscarriage, or still birth, or even just a missed chance.

But this last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing the last few lines through my head. I’ve got an inspirational, incredible, brave, brave friend whose little boy isn’t going to get better.

I am not sure why I feel moved to discard fear and expose my poem right now, but perhaps it’s because in my head, it’s become synonymous with my friend’s shining boy, and maybe I want this to be my tribute to his loveliness, his kindness, his sweetness.

Anyway, here it is.

Life gets lighter when the sun shines,
Even in the coldness, in this late spring chill;
A sudden break in the cloud makes us all
Briefly warmer. I see people laugh, I see
A new lift in their step, I see them smile
At strangers in the street, and I see you,
A six year old boy who might have
Been my son; you walk in the distance
As if towards me, and the shaft that pierced
the city-grey sky catches itself in the glossiness
Of your hair. It flashes like a beacon, and
I gather it in a halo around your head; I see
You flash a smile, and like my angel, you
Linger, just a moment, then are gone.